Rustic Decor

Décor matters because it allows us to surround ourselves with projections of our own personalities. Just like my taste in music, my clothes and my favorite books are a part of who I am, so is my rustic home decor accessories. Décor is arguably the most influential of these things. Not only do I get to explore my likes and dislikes when I choose how to decorate a space, I get to live with all the wonderful things I find from then on. Surroundings have a huge impact on our moods and emotions. Try writing an essay on a crowded bus then try again in a lovely meadow – you’ll see my point.


When I walk into my home and see all the things I actively placed in my space, I am comforted and cheered because these things are part of being human. I can look at the wall and see the tapestry I found in the little shop by the beach, I can look at the floor and see the gorgeous rug that reminds me of the desert, I can look on the shelf and see the small elephant statue my sister got me in India. These things tell my story and remind me that I have a story to tell. The feeling of being in a space that is decorated to my liking is utterly calming.


As I spend my time in my home – sleeping and healing and living – this is a space that needs to be calming. It is so important to live in a place that nurtures and lightens you. When you enjoy the things you are surrounded by, your joy infuses those things and, in turn, radiates back to you. That is how your home can care for you just as you care for your home. Décor matters because we are human and we feel our surroundings, so we must make these surroundings something worth feeling.

Restaurant Style and Home Decor Accessories

Although decor is presumably viewed as a females opportunity to go over budget and spend tons of money on unnecessary accessories, I view it as a business investment. Of course decor is a form of style and expression, however, I also believe that decor is a crucial element in a company’s ability to attract business. Being a business major myself allowed me to apply design and decor into the marketing world of business while touching upon the psychology of decor in a business. Rather than just subjecting decor as a way of expressing style, I think that decor is important in any business; whether it’s to communicate their brand or to make it a desirable environment for their employees and customers to be in.

For customers, going to a visually appealing space is more pleasant than a place that is lacking charm, which I think any of us can relate to. For employees, having an uplifting space to work in can often times create a more professional attitude. As me being a health administration concentration in business, I find decor a relevant component in a patient’s choice to return. An attractive healthcare environment has a strong correlation with people’s attitudes and moods when it comes to picking a healthcare facility in which they would like to return to. Decor Although decor may seem like a luxury, I believe that it is a necessity in a successful business. Whether it’s a restaurant, a medical office, a rustic table, or a clothing store, having decor that not only emphasizes what the brand stands for but also is appealing ultimately leads customers into having a higher quality experience. A little saying that we have all come across before, “Dress for success” is a perfect way to describe how dressing your business can contribute to a successful business.

Whether it’s a restaurant, a medical office, or a clothing store, having decor that not only emphasizes what the brand stands for but also is appealing ultimately leads customers into having a higher quality experience. A little saying that we have all come across before, “Dress for success” is a perfect way to describe how dressing your business can contribute to a successful business.

Restaurant Style Like No Other

My nerves were on overdrive, my palms were sweaty and my mind was going a mile a minute. The waiting room was pristine; the floors were shiny white marble with black and tan streaks, the walls where white marble with a black lettered sign stating the firm’s name. The receptionist was in front of a feature wall, with etched glass that looked like a waterfall, her desk was organized and matched the untouchable feeling the room emanated. “Good morning, my name is Ani I am here for the 11:00 A.M. interview with Mrs. Coryea.”, she responded with a smile “Mrs. Coryea, will be with you in just a few minutes” and asked me to take a seat. There were three white accent chairs with black extremities. Between the chairs, there were small side tables with lamps or books and in the center a black wood coffee table with an orchid flower arrangement. As I walked towards one of the accent chairs I stared into the large mirror hung behind the chairs analyzing myself. Goodness, did I choose the right attire? Fear crept in further as I realized I was not dressed elegantly enough for this place, with my suit from Marshall’s clearance isle and no brand name pumps. Did I put on enough makeup? Is my bun a little sideways? What would they think of me? Would they be able to tell right away that I did not fit in?

A few minutes into my agony Mrs. Coryea came out and escorted me to her office through a glass door past the receptionist area. She was a short woman with a sweet smile and short blonde hair that had slight curls at the end. As we walked into her office it felt as if we walked into a different place. Her walls were painted cream with the bottom half white crown molding. There was an area set up resembling a small living room with a couch and two chairs facing the couch as well as a small coffee table and a white soft chevron accent rug.  On the wall, there was an electric fireplace with a large wall clock above it. On the other side of the office was a white wooden desk and bookcases full of books with my restaurant linen napkins. As I took a seat on the couch and felt the soft rug under my feet, I looked up at Mrs. Coryea’s smiling face my fear left me for just long enough to be myself.

From the attire that we choose to the decorations that we fill our spaces with, it represents a piece of ourselves. In itself, it tells a story of whom we are as well as whom we want to be, the choices we have made, and how those choices define us. It gives our guests the first impression of who we are but it also makes us feel a certain way. Surround yourself with what makes you happy, what you want others to know about you, or what you want others to perceive you.  That is the power of accents and the human perception.

Selecting The Right Chair For Your Restaurant

Decorating a restaurant requires imagination and a sense of coordination. You are required to beautify the interior of your restaurant. In addition to make the home beautiful, you need to make sure that it is comfortable too. For this you need to place furniture which will ensure the comfort of the restaurant. The importance of chairs cannot be denied when decorating.

Jacobsen chairs are designed to increase the comfort level of the restaurant. In addition to this, the chairs are stylish also. To achieve the desired look and comfort level, you will have to find the right kind of lounge chairs. There is a wide variety to find in the market. You should try to make the right selection.

The first step of getting your restaurant the right type of chair is to gather information about different types of lounge chairs. These chairs are slightly larger than the usual types of chairs. These chairs are designed to provide head rest and foot rest. Be sure to check this site out if you’re looking for restaurant chairs for sale.

While going to buy the chair, you are required to determine the right spot. The size of the lounge chair should be smaller than the space available at your restaurant.

The restaurant chairs can be used to accommodate more than one person. These come handy when you are entertaining a large number of guests.

You are required to choose a lounge chair which will mingle with the interior of the room. In case of wrong selection, the chair will look out of the place. Buy lounge chairs which come with solid colours. These look stylish and sophisticated.

If you are buying a lounge chair to place outside, you are advised to select the right material. You need to remember that the chair will be continuously exposed to the rough weather conditions like rain and sunlight. Therefore, you need to find the right material which will be able to withstand the rain and sunlight.